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McAsphalt Industries This is a national emulsion manufacturer that formulates and sells many different types of paving oils for various uses within the paving and re-surfacing industry. We have purchased from them exclusively for many years.

Albert Construction Safety Association The ACSA manages much of the safety information and processing in the province in conjunction with the Province of Alberta for the construction industry. We have taken several safety courses from them which has helped us form a comprehensive safety program.

Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association The ARHCA represents over 700 companies in the construction industry. They provide comprehensive bidding opportunities to its 700 members giving access to many large and small local and provincial project RFQs. A comprehensive equipment guide is published each spring to guide the industry in rental rates and and an updated informative listing of all its members. They also are involved in formulating new policy in the industry partnering with the Alberta Government and bringing forward new initiatives. Many industry symposiums, meetings are organized as well as recreational networking opportunities such as golf tournaments are on the agenda throughout the year.

Calgary Construction Association The CCA and its affiliates are the "Voice of the Industry" in southern Alberta and provides many bidding and networking opportunities for its some 500 members. Detailed plans on upcoming projects through their famous plans room are available.

Lafarge Canada is one of the biggest players in the road construction industry and are international. They supply to us a High Performance "Permanent Patch" Cold Mix that we can use year round for patching and potholes, The customer never has to replace it later because it hardens up like conventional Hot Mix. We are very proud to be a Larfarge Customer and offer this unique solution to our customers.

Burnco is another key supplier to us, supplying Hot Mix, Concrete and Gravel to us. They have many plants in key locations making it cost effective and convenient to supply the material to the job site on a timely basis.

Safety is a top priority of Alberta Road Services no matter the task at hand for both its employees and the general public. The safety guidelines that govern everyday work at Alberta Road Services are set out in the company safety manual.

These procedures are drafted by a company safety officer and are applied to all divisions and facets of operation with the organization. The areas of focus within the manual include the following:
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Injury Reporting and Emergency Procedures
  • Equipment Operations
  • Orientation/Training
Before work begins each year, all foremen are required to review jobsite safety with each new or returning employee. They will be given a clear understanding of the following subjects regarding safety:
  1. Safety policy of Alberta Road Services.
  2. Responsibility of worker to safety.
  3. Hazards of job to be performed.
  4. Safety procedures to be followed to prevent accidents.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required on the job.
  6. Reporting procedure for accidents.
  7. In-depth checks to ensure employee can operate any equipment that may be required safely and productively.
A safety meeting and a hazard assessment are carried out at the beginning of each job to inform and educate all employees of worksite hazards. In addition, monthly safety meetings are held to implement new initiatives and make sure preventative measures are in place and effective to prevent injury.